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All White Sneakers

If you don’t already know what a consignment shop is, it’s time you found out. These stores are places where people can take clothes they no longer feel attached to and then other people (who haven’t worn that dress already) can go and find some pretty cool stuff at a reasonable price.

The cool thing here is that you can actually find some super nice items because the buyers at these stores are looking for products that they know trendy kids like you are looking for.

Something to keep in mind about consignment shops is that you’re going to have a similar experience to that of any second-hand store. You can definitely find higher-end brands, but you’re going to have to sort through some duds first.

OR you can check out some of the exclusively higher-end shops but keep in mind that the prices, though discounted, probably won’t be what you’d call “cheap.”

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March 26, 2015
Kell Macro Embossed
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